Providing domestic violence and child abuse services to American women and children overseas

Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center
And the Sexual Assault Support & Help For Americans Abroad Program, SASHAA.

Types of Abuse

There are five major types of abuse: physical, emotional, sexual, social and spiritual. Below are listed only a few examples of each type of abuse.

Physical Abuse

  • Throwing objects at the survivor
  • Pushing or shoving the survivor
  • Threatening the survivor with weapons
  • Hitting, punching or kicking the survivor
  • Choking or throwing the survivor
Emotional Abuse

  • Insulting the survivor repeatedly
  • Calling the survivor names
  • Yelling at the survivor
  • Blaming the survivor for everything
  • Threatening to hurt/kill the survivor and/or the children

Social Abuse

  • Insulting the survivor publicly
  • Putting down the survivor’s capabilities as a spouse, parent, lover or worker
  • Demanding all of the survivor’s attention and resenting any focus on others
  • Isolating the survivor from friends or activities
  • Spending money without first meeting basic financial obligations

Sexual Abuse

  • Expecting the survivor to have sex after an abusive incident
  • Criticizing the survivor’s sexual performance
  • Withholding affection to punish the survivor
  • Accusing the survivor of looking at, talking to, or having sex with another

Spiritual Abuse

  • Discounting the survivor’s sense of right or wrong
  • Denying the survivor’s value as a person with legitimate wants and likes
  • Questioning the survivor’s sense of reality
  • Denying, minimizing or ridiculing the survivor’s spiritual beliefs

From the book "It's not Okay Anymore" by Greg Enns and Jan Black